New Studio

This is my current studio space here in Marietta. Isn’t it fab?! It took a few months to get it finished and set up after we moved in, but it was so worth the wait.

Glass Worktable

This is where the glass stuff happens. I work on a Minor Bench Burner (torch) that is mounted to my table.

Ventilation System

I updated my vent system from just an overhead hood (see my old studio) to include a system I learned about from Andrea Guarino. I have a fan installed on the outside, with a flex tube connected to the overhead fan. I get twice the ventilation and lots of light.

Fuel System

I use an EX-15 Oxygen Concentrator…

Fuel System

…and tanked propane that sits outside my studio.

Kilns & Glass

My beads are annealed in one of two Chilipepper Kilns. And you can see my glass storage below the kilns.

Jewelry Bench

All of the cold working and jewelry making happens here.

Sales, Marketing & Shipping

And here is where the blogging, Etsy, and Facebook stuff happens. (this is also my Gallery where my beads and jewelry are on display for local customers)

If you are interested in the process of the studio remodel, you can follow the progress in this series of posts:

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And if you would like to see what my old studio in Mason, Ohio looked like, you can see that HERE.