This is my current studio space-isn’t it FAB?!


It took several months to get it all set up after we moved in, but it was totally worth it. If you are interested in the details of the studio renovation see my blog post series below.




Glass Table Close-up



Here is my torching work table. This is where the glass stuff happens. I work on a Minor Bench Burner (torch) that is mounted to my table.



Ventilation Fan

I updated my vent system from just an overhead hood (see my old studio) to include a system I learned about from Andrea Guarino. I have a fan installed on the outside, with a flex tube connected to the overhead fan. I get twice the ventilation and lots of light.

Fuel System

The Nortel Minor is a duel fuel torch: propane and oxygen. My propane tank sits outside of my studio in a ventilated deck box to protect it from the weather. My hoses run through the wall and attach with a quick switch connector to my fuel regulator. I disconnect this when I am finished torching.

fuel system-oxygen

For oxygen I use an EX-15 oxygen concentrator. This is much safer (and cheaper!) than using tanked oxygen.

kiln and glass storage

To the left of my glass work table, (because I am left handed!), sits a storage rack with 2 Chilipepper kilns, glass storage in PVC pipes, and other supplies.

frit storage

I have an Elfa drawer stack to the right of my glass table where I keep (most) of my frit.

Gallery and Office

Here is where I display my finished jewelry and beads for sale, as well as work on the business aspects of my job.  Since this picture was taken I have added a new jewelry bench (see below)

Jewelry Bench

Here is where I make the jewelry, silver core the charm beads, and work on cloisonne, champleve, and other enameling.