Studio Tour

Marietta, GA

This is my current studio space-isn’t it FAB?!

It took a few months to get it finished and set up after we moved in, but it was so worth the wait.

Glass Work Table

This is where the glass stuff happens. I work on a Minor Bench Burner (torch) that is mounted to my table.

Glass Table Closeup

Ventilation Fan

I updated my vent system from just an overhead hood (see my old studio) to include a system I learned about from Andrea Guarino. I have a fan installed on the outside, with a flex tube connected to the overhead fan. I get twice the ventilation and lots of light

Fuel System

The Nortel Minor is a duel fuel torch: propane and oxygen. My propane tank sits outside of my studio in a ventilated deck box to protect it from the weather. My hoses run through the wall and attach with a quick switch connector to my fuel regulator. I disconnect this when I am finished torching.

Fuel System: Oxygen

For oxygen I use an EX-15 oxygen concentrator. This is much safer (and cheaper!) than using tanked oxygen.

Kilns and Glass Storage

To the left of my glass work table, (because I am left handed!), sits a storage rack with 2 Chilipepper kilns, glass storage in PVC pipes, and other supplies.

Frit Storage

I have an Elfa drawer stack to the right of my glass table where I keep (most) of my frit.