Well, what do you think?!

I love the new look and I have Darcy from Graphically Designing to thank for this beautifully redesigned web site! There may still be some quirks to work out, and definitely more photos to add to the Gallery, but hopefully you will be able to find you way around even easier than before.

Studio Update:

It’s coming along! I primed and painted the ceiling, and primed and painted the walls, and then decided I didn’t like the color! So, back to the Big Home Store for more color swatches, the over to the not very close little store that carries Benjamin Moore for more swatches and a color sample, home to try the color sample, and bingo, found a color. What do you think?

Benjamin Moore 1031 Carlisle Cream at MyPerfectColor

Benjamin Moore 1031 Carlisle Cream at MyPerfectColor


 But, instead of trekking all the way back to the little store that carries Benjamin Moore, what did I do? Went to the much closer (and cheaper!) Big Home Store and had them color match. Which didn’t match. So, back to the Big Home Store for color adjustment, and by George I think she got it! So, this weekend I will be painting, installing ventilation, moving furniture, and hopefully unpacking glass! So, no more studio photos until the big reveal.


However, if you are starved for pictures, hop on over to my Etsy shop and check out my new listings! I made these beads in Ohio, but I just took the photos last week. I’ll be listing a bunch more so check back often! Have a fantastic weekend!